Chambers Of Flavour Only The Brave Will Dine


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We closed the doors to Chambers of Flavour v1.0 in 2015 after 9 months of sold out escapades. The flavourlogical engineers rebooted, rewired and recalibrated a longer, more fantastical and even more mind-blowing multi-dimensional dining adventure.

Since the portal opened, our talented engineers have guided more than 20,000 intrepid secret keepers across the threshold of this inter-dimensional dining machine. And, those lucky diners have cartwheeled and cavorted through world after world of delicious surrealism.

However, the end is nigh! Chambers of Flavour V2 is coming to a close. And, we can't very well end this grand endeavour without giving you one final chance to experience the adventure.

This is your warning, spread the word. The final, yes FINAL, batch of passes for #cofv2 will be released on 21st June 2017 at midday, right here!

If you have already dined with us tell your chums! Or, just wait for #CoFv3.... whenever that may be

Tally ho!

What do you get?

Tickets cost £55 - £70 and include access into Lionel Sterling Grey's Inter-dimensional Dining Machine, with an adventure through 5 contrasting parallel realities, each containing different course. So, that's a welcome drink, 5 flavourological courses and 1 hour and 50 minutes of mind-bending tastebud-tingling inter-dimensional travel.

Already got your hands on tickets for #CoFv2 ?

Please read the information on your ticket very carefully once booked, and note your strict arrival time and the dress code.

Not experienced a multi-dimensional dining adventure before?

Be warned, the experience is not for the meek or the cautious of palette. The experience does involve eating a secret set menu and journey through unusual spaces. For an example of a past multi-dimensional dining adventure, check out this video. Or this one. Find out how it works here. You can also see comments from past guests on the homepage.

Ts&Cs can be found here.